This is a list of the blogs writing up monthly workshops run by Nina Alfers at the Dance of Life yoga studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. They’ve all been published on Nina’s website.

The Purpose of Asana 28 May 2016

Bandhas & Breath 30 April 2016

Neck & Shoulders: Flexibility and Strength 20 March 2016

Transitions**  30 January 2016

Twists  12 December 2015

Adho Mukha & Transitions  17 October 2015 – Part I

Adho Mukha & Transitions  17 October 2015 – Part II

Mudras and Bandhas  19 September 2015

V [all things ‘V’-shaped] 29 August 2015

Low Arm Balances and their Transitions  13 June 2015

Embodied Learning**  9 May 2015

Balancing Effort & Surrender**  18 April 2015

Establishing a Self-Practice  21 March 2015

Intentions**  7 March 2015

Spinal Extensions  7 February 2015

Pranayama for Arm Balances  10 January 2015

Establishing a Handstand Practice  13 December 2014

Seated Postures and Approaches to Meditation 28 November 2014

Note that several of these titles [marked with **] have corresponding  articles in elephant journal . In all of those cases, the articles were inspired by the workshops — and in many of them, the articles are adaptations from the blogs.

So how do you choose which to read? That depends on what you’re looking for, of course. The blogs are much longer, and include detailed descriptions of yoga postures and exercises. The elephant journal articles are more concise, focusing on the philosophical dimensions of the topic and their off-the-mat applications.