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Meaning, Subjectivity, Society: Making Sense of Modernity  International Comparative Social Studies series, Brill: Leiden & Boston,

This book grapples with questions at the core of philosophy and social theory Who am I? Who are we? How are we to live? That is, questions of what humans are capable of, the nature of our relationships to each other and to the world around us, and how we should live. They appear to be both prohibitive and seductive that they are ultimately irresolvable makes it tempting to leave them alone, yet we cannot do that either. This interdisciplinary investigation proceeds primarily as a dialogue with Cornelius Castoriadis and Charles Taylor.

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Book Chapters

Heteronomy (pp. 13–22), Psyche (pp. 75–88) and  Modernity (pp.179–190) in Suzi Adams (ed.) Cornelius Castoriadis: Key Concepts, Continuum: London,2014,

Journal articles 

‘From Dividual and Individual Selves to Porous Subjects’  Australian Journal of Anthropology, 2012, 23: 50–64

‘“Deep Engagement” & Disengaged Reason’ Australian Journal of Anthropology, 2011, 22: 40–55

‘The Constitution of Modernity: A Critique of Castoriadis’  European Journal of Social Theory, 2009, 12(4): 505–521

‘Meaning and Porous Being’  Thesis Eleven, 2009, 99: 7–26

‘Religion and the Project of Autonomy’  Thesis Eleven, 2007, 91: 27–47

‘Re-Imagining Castoriadis’ Psychic Monad’  Thesis Eleven,2005,  83: 5–14

‘Further Towards a Sociology of Evil’  Thesis Eleven, 2004, 79: 65–74

Book Reviews

Jeffrey Klooger, Castoriadis: Psyche, Society, Autonomy  Thesis Eleven, 2011, 108: 136–40

Maria Pia Lara (ed.) Rethinking Evil: Contemporary Perspectives  Thesis Eleven, 2002, 74: 120–6

Ruth Abbey, Charles Taylor  Thesis Eleven, 2002, 71: 142–6

Barry Smart, Facing Modernity: Ambivalence, Reflexivity and Morality  Thesis Eleven, 2001, 65: 162–7

Alessandro Ferrara, Reflective Authenticity: Rethinking the Project of Modernity  Thesis Eleven, 2001, 62: 142–8