I recall being told when I was young that I would probably have about five major career changes in my lifetime. These days, though, it seems more like five career changes each week. Only four or five years ago I was still hoping this would settle down into one steady, stable, “proper” job. But I got over it – and am very happy to have missed that bullet 🙂

Two important things come from that. First, I have a deep understanding based in personal experience of people who strive to do what it takes to land that “steady” position. Second, I have a deep appreciation of the freedoms that come from being unencumbered by institutional obligations, as well as insight into where to find the fortitude and wherewithal to strive betwixt and between commitments.

Many of the people who know me are only familiar with one of my many guises. My university students and colleagues know me as a sociologist, while my fellow yogis know me “on the mat” and as a blogger. My editing clients only know me as an editor while my life coaching clients have some idea that there’s more to the picture.

I’ve created this website to bring together those disparate threads under one banner. My main motivations for this are to help readers find my diverse writings and to help my coaching clients to better understand the range and depth of experience that they get when working with me.

But most importantly, it’s to harness the resources that I have at my disposal to help you to find your path, to break out of the constraints of convention, to free yourself from the shackles of conformity, and to develop and embrace your capacities to live a creative, autonomous and light-hearted life.

Plus it gives me a blog outlet all of my own in which to indulge myself in writing on a wider range of topics.