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Lightenup coaching is based in the experience of listening to hundreds of students over twenty years discussing their hopes and dreams, and the obstacles they perceive to be in the way. I have spent countless hours in discussion with students about why they perceive particular obstacles, and what the obstacles are really constituted of – if they exist at all – and what might be done to get around them, or in spite of them.

These engagements are informed by my personal choice to take a different path; having broken out of a rut when I realised it wasn’t working for me; by studying long and hard about the way that society is structured, and the way that it structures us and our expectations; by closely examining the frameworks that people live by, the frameworks that are imposed upon us, overriding our deepest yearnings and desires by making us question our strengths and capabilities.

I work with people who:

  • seem to be more than capable of doing what they do, but are rather dissatisfied with what they are doing.
  • seem to have it all, but are not satisfied with what they have.
  • are doing alright, but feel that they could be doing something more fulfilling, or more worthwhile.
  • for whatever reason feel that they’re stuck, who have a strong urge to change directions, but cannot overcome whatever it is that is holding them back.
  • know that they could really take off and fly if only they could figure out what it was they ought to be doing with their lives.

Using a variety of life coaching, practical philosophy and narrative therapeutic approaches, I will help you: to clarify your goals and ambitions, to identify your strengths and skills, and to identify and overcome the obstacles in your path.

Through a series of discussions, we will identify where you want to go in life, what’s holding you back or getting in your way, and devise a strategy for getting there. Then, depending upon your individual needs, I will be available for further support and consultation as you journey along your chosen path.

Generally, our initial discussion will last one-and-a-half to two hours. Follow-up sessions will typically be one hour. Depending upon your needs, we may agree to meet weekly, monthly, or less frequently.

I prefer initial consultations to be conducted face-to-face at my consulting rooms in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Once we have gotten to know each other, later sessions might be conducted by telephone or Skype to maximise your convenience and my availability. (Of course, if you don’t live in Melbourne, we’ll have to start off differently, won’t we?)

To make an appointment, email in the first instance, or contact me at Lighten Up Coaching on Facebook.


“No matter how tangled a worry or a challenge, Karl has a kind of knack for finding a detangling perspective on it. He has helped me with decisions in my professional life, direction in my creative life, and with a whole range of other more personal and philosophical issues. His approach is infused with his natural warmth and humour and by the genuine, generous interest he takes in seeing his fellow human being grow and succeed. He is an all-round lovely person to work with and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”                                                      Anna, academic and author

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