Mens Yoga sq flyerWhether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, there’s always room for improving the foundations of our practice. Whether you’re fit or not, flexible or not, strong or not, young or older, yoga is for your body-type. But if you’re a man, a lot of the faster, hotter, more dynamic flowing classes might not be best for your body-type. And even if you’re the kind of man who’s seeking a hot and sweaty demanding practice, slowing down from time to time and focusing on alignment and flexibility can be hugely beneficial.

If you have been avoiding yoga because you’re “not flexible enough”, well, that’s just silly – flexibility is a result of yoga practice, not a prerequisite for it. Of course, it’s not as silly if you’ve been avoiding it because you don’t feel comfortable displaying your lack of flexibility – your vulnerability – to the typical yoga space packed with lithe and flexible women.

In this eight-week course, we will work on key areas where men’s bodies and needs tend to differ from women’s – stiff hips and shoulders, for example – and work on improving core-strength.

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