Trans Pacific Press

US Occupation of Okinawa: A Soft Power Approach Hideko Yoshimoto

Farewell to Nippon: Japanese Lifestyle Migrants in Australia Machiko Sato

Class Structure in Contemporary Japan Kenji Hashimoto

From Salvation to Spirituality: Popular Religious Movements in Modern Japan Susumu Shimazono

Philosophy of Agricultural Science: A Japanese Perspective Osamu Soda

Health Inequalities in Japan: An Empirical Study of Older People Katsunori Kondo

Deciphering Stratification and Inequality: Japan and Beyond Yoshimichi Sato

Social Exclusion: Perspectives from France and Japan Marc Humbert and Yoshimichi Sato

A Sociology of Happiness Kenji Kosaka

A Quest for Alternative Sociology Kenji Kosaka and Masahiro Ogino

Cultural Politics of Asian Cinema: 1939–2018 Noriko Sudo and Takeshi Tanekawa

Lives of Young Koreans in Japan Yasunori Fukuoka

Coming Out in Japan: The Story of Satoru and Ryuta Satoru Ito and Ryuta Yanase

A Social History of Science and Technology in Contemporary Japan, Volumes 1–4 Shigeru Nakayama

Village Life in Modern Japan: An Environmental Perspective Akira Furukawa

Creating Subaltern Counterpublics: Korean Women in Japan and Their Struggles for Night School Akwi Seo

Others in Japanese Agriculture Kenichi Yasuoka

Intentional Social Change: A Rational Choice Theory Yoshimichi Sato

Constructing Civil Society in Japan: Voices of Environmental Movements Koichi Hasegawa

The Explorer Sven Hedin and Kyoto University: Central Asia fosters East-West Cultural Exchange Ikeda Takumi and Tanaka Kazuko


Introduction to Japanese Society Yoshio Sugimoto

Brazilians Abroad: Emigrant Voting and Political Engagement Denise Frizzo & Bruno Mascitelli

Protection of National Minorities in the Balkans: The Case of Macedonian Minorities Donche Tasev (PhD thesis)

Macedonia and its Questions: Origins, Margins, Ruptures and Continuity Victor Friedman, Goran Janev & George Vlahov

On Macedonian Matters: from the Partition and Annexation in 1913 to the Present: A Collection of Essays on Language, Culture and History Jim Hlavac & Victor Friedman